ECSI, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, follows the latest International consensus guidelines for CPR and emergency care.

2015 CPR & ECC Guidelines

Cardiac Arrest Algorithm for Adult and Pediatric Patients


Oxygen Adminitration

Providing supplemental oxygen to those that need it is an essential element of emergency care.  Oxygen Administration is designed to provide an understanding of how to safely handle and administer oxygen in various settings. 

Key topics discussed in the Oxygen Administration course include:

* The components that make up a supplemental oxygen system.

* The various types of supplemental oxygen devised.

* Important safety, storage, service, and maintenance steps regarding the use of supplemental oxygen systems.

* The importance of supplemental oxygen in the care of victims of sudden illness or injury.

* Using supplemental oxygen equipment when providing care for a breathing or non-breathing victim.


Length: 1- 1.5 hours


Standard First Aid, CPR and AED

Based on the 2015 International Consensus Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC), Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED is ideal for use within training courses designed to certify individuals in first aid, CPR, and AED. 

This course includes:

* Clear, concise direction on how to perform CPR and use an AED during an emergency.

* Current information on injuries and illnesses: Core information for first aid presented in a clear and straightforward format.

* Content on the use of hemostatic dressings, application of tourniquets, administering epinephrine, dental care, and more.


Length: 3-4.5 hours


Pet First Aid and Disaster Management

If your pet suddenly became sick or injured. . . . . .would you know what to do? Enroll in a Pet First Aid and Disaster Response course today! The Pet First Aid and Disaster Response course is ideal for all pet owners and pet caregivers. This unique course covers common health and safety-related issues, first aid basics, when to seek professional care, and disaster planning steps for the proper care of pets.  This course is offered through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute and Pets America.

Student Manuel Required for course:
Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide,

Revised First Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1603440035

ISBN-10: 1603440038


B.L.A.S.T. Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training

B.L.A.S.T! is an important training program for potential babysitting and parents considering hiring a babysitter.  The BLAST! Program is exciting and interactive, providing extensive training in pediatric first aid, household safety, and the fundamentals of childcare. 


Features if the Second edition include:

  • Most current practices for safety and injury prevention while babysitting

  • First Aid basics for emergency responses

  • Quick references tools for babysitters

  • Fun,easy to follow booklet


Designed for people ages 13 and older, their parents, and parents looking to hire a babysitter, the BLAST! Program can prepare children to interview for a babysitting job, select safe and suitable games and activities, prevent accidents, perform first aid, and begin babysitting safely and competently.


Course Length: 4 hours

This course is only offered to groups of 10 of more.  Call us to schedule a class for your group!

Student Manuel Required for course:
BLAST! (Babysitter Lessons and Safety Training),

Second Edition

ISBN: 9780763735166

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